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Sculpture by the Ocean

Photo by Jürgen Nogai


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Los Angeles artist, sculptor, and photographer Pascal Giacomini made his official debut in California in the 1990s with a hard-to-miss public art exhibition of sculpture in West Hollywood. The exhibit of contemporary sculpture, which showcased his love of modern, abstract, and figurative style with classical African influences, occupied Santa Monica Boulevard's median strip, spanning an area between La Cienega Blvd. and Doheny Drive. Hosted and sponsored by the West Hollywood City Council, the exhibition, which was viewed by millions of motorists and pedestrians during a four-month period, helped to spawn an official public arts program in the City and generated much media activity.

An experienced and professional artist, Giacomini was born in France and, in the eighties, moved to California, where he makes his home in Hollywood. He is well known for his metal sculptures, which are enhanced with bronze elements, glass, resin, and found objects. The sculptor has shown his work at various galleries and museums in Los Angeles and other parts of southern California, including:

The artist's wall pieces and standing sculptures are perfect for outdoor environments, such as gardens, as well as for display indoors.

In addition to being a consummate professional sculptor, the artist is also an accomplished photographer who has shown his photography in museums throughout southern California.

Although photography is one of his passions — and as a professional photographer, he carries his camera wherever he travels — the artist doesn't stop there! He also designs furniture made out of metal, bronze, glass, and wood. Like his sculptures, these pieces can go indoors or outdoors.

While he prefers to work on large pieces, this contemporary sculptor also creates small wall pieces for more intimate environments, as well as standing decorative pieces and functional art, including fountains, fireplace screens, and much more.

With his French/European background, the artist has a love of classical works with Greek influences; but his marriage of many years to a woman of Haitian heritage has also influenced his work. The art of Haiti and its pantheon of Vodou gods and goddesses are evident in the artist's sculptures, masks, and even in some of his contemporary furniture designs.

The artist's work is for sale through this website and at Galerie Lakaye — for inquires, call 323-460-7333 or email the artist at pascalgiacomini@gmail.com.

© Copyright 2006-2012 by Pascal Giacomini

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